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The moment when an individual successfully counters a n00b bent on pwning said individual with verbal or physical assault. In these situations, the n00b ultimately ends up failing to pwn the target and leaves.
An actual confrontation on Runescape...

n00b: still chopping oaks you n00b?
n00b: you dont deserve to play rs
Me: go get laid
(moment of silence)
Me: I have an idea
Me: instead of chopping off my balls to make your's look bigger
(meaning to make yourself better than me, also is bait)
Me: go do it to some1 else
n00b: No harrassing you is fun and btw
n00b: my balls are big (caught)
Me: lol probably snap on (finisher)
n00b: You think youre so cool (pwned)
Me: Yeah

Disclaimer- Pwnage Raping should not be confused with Pwnrape which is a mixture of pwning and raping at the same time.
by TheTypoPoopcicle May 17, 2009