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An extreme desire to illegally download games, music, movies,etc, usually by means of torrent or other file sharing communities. One that is aflicted by digikleptomania is a digikleptomaniac.
Fuck, i think i caught ted's case of digikleptomania

ever since he heard the word torrent, Ted has become a digikleptomaniac

ted's such a digitkleptomaniac, his ass is gonna get fined by the FBI one of these days
by shit-tard December 02, 2010
Extreme pwnage combined w/ intense rapage. Most often used in video gaming, esp. online or multiplayer, and can be used w/ the term newbs or noobs.
That was some intense pwnage rape when he took out that whole room fulla noobs in 10 seconds.

Man, i just got done pwnage raping a shit tonna noobs in cod.
by shit-tard November 29, 2010

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