"PWC" is the acronym for Power WheelChair.
The patient was using a "PWC" due to having a spinal cord injury which resulted in quadriplegia.
by Legit-PWD February 03, 2011
Prince William County, Woodbridge Virginia 703
Where in VA you from man?


Oh for real I know some hoes in Prince William County.
by Bruce Da Truth August 17, 2006
acronym for "poor word choice"
dude: what's going on
me: nuttin
dude: gross
me: ?
me: Was that perverted?
dude: Yeah, pwc

me: so what do you think about me in this dress
bf: you look fat
me: excuse me?
bf: sorry, pwc... I mean phat... as in hot

boy 1: hey man, how's it going?
boy 2: not bad you complete tool douchebag!
boy 1: what the hell did you just say to me?
boy 2: sorry, pwc...i meant, 'not bad man'
by Trinket May 11, 2006
Personal WaterCraft aka Jet Ski
Have you ever ridden on a pwc before? Dude! Their awesome!
by chaudee October 08, 2005

Majority of elite accounting graduates choose PwC over the other big 4. The best and the brightest graduates are found in PwC, as compared to the rest of the accounting firms.
If you are from PwC, you must be an elite!
by AuditChamp November 15, 2006
Acronym for PricewaterhouseCoopers an auditing firm.
PwC are doing our audit.
by Joe Bloggs November 30, 2003

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