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When you lean on an unfinished puzzle to obtain another piece, you collect a fair amount of puzzle pieces that stick to your arm. Unless taken off manually.
"Oh my God! You have puzz all of yer arm!"
"Get it off!"
by gabbsloverly August 13, 2009
Someone with absolutely no idea what is going on around them. Will smile and nod to almost everything as they have no clue who they are, where they are or what theyre doing
suzy: i smile because i dont know whats going on
by dubscientist June 03, 2005
this is a way of knowing that everything is complicated and sort of opt out of the bullshit expression or i don't know expression
short for puzzle or puzzled
Damn cuz, puzz . I thought she was at the crib last night but she was really at the club.
by maskerbator October 06, 2011
Lip-smacking. Done mostly after a possibly sexual reference was made or at something yummy. Which could still be something sexual. Can be used in place of "that's what she said".
person 1: "Dudeee that's hugeee"

person 2: *puzz*

person 1: -__-
by kat0nappp March 29, 2011
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