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another name for a moped or a 125cc motocycle
Hey, look at him thinkin he's all that on his li'l put put
by Smashin' Cocker! July 14, 2009
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A really shitty moped or scooter
Usually ridden by a teenage lad/girl who can't afford a car or can be arsed to get a licence
Dave the local yob was seen by the police driving his put-put across the local park. What a knobber.
by Simon Young March 22, 2008
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Pick Up To Pass Up Time

Applies to Apple IPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or similar devices that enable game applications. This specifically applies to apps that pass time; such as waiting in the grocery line or doctor office where you don't want to play a game that requires intense concentration or large blocks of time necessary to reach a goal.

Examples of such games are: Pocket God; Koi Pond; Pet Simulation games; Sims; Doodle Jump
These apps are fun to play, but do not keep scores. When you reach the cashier or are called back to the examining room, you can close the app without losing your place or sacrificing points.
Pocket God is a great PUTPUT game to play while waiting for the red light to turn green. I can quickly toss my iPod aside until I get home, so I can concentrate on driving without losing any points.
by wordybird August 15, 2010
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Ahh....Jesus Is Ready to Make Put-Put...
by Myles March 18, 2003
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