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A word orginally created in a small town called crediton.

Its derogatory use is against pussies, meaning a form of life lower than a pussy.

It was created back in the 90's when a young boy was born with an idea, an idea to create an insult which is harmful but elegant and which rolls off the tongue.

This word was first used in 2010 and its use is increasing every day.
man 1: hey man you coming out tonight?

man 2: nah man i have to do school work.

man 1: yous a Pussyting.

man 2: :(

stoner 1: lets get 2's on your spliff!

stoner 2: naaahhhhh maaaannnn.

stoner 1: WHAT?! you is a PUSSYTING!

stoner 2: no, yous a pussyting.

stoner 1: pussyting.

stoner 2: fair play.
by crediton massive February 07, 2011

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