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Pushpak is the bollywood star of the class. Black shades, leather jacket, jeans, gelled hair. In other words the ladies man.
You look very pushpakish today

You are a pushpak .. u shud join bollywood
by nishar April 14, 2011
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a hot sexy beast active at night...hotter than garam chai...wears sexy glasses and has a really soothing singing voice...damn that voice..its like sex for the ears...pushpaks are also generally nice and kind hearted people but when they get damn...shit is going down...they can also rattle a headboard like a sailor on leave...they get all them bitches..they have an attractive force that reels everyone in
just like gravity ....gravity may be accelerating at -9.8 m/s but with a pushpak ur acceleration will be - infinity
Girl 1: did u just do a pushpak last night?

Girl 2: u betcha i did ;)
Girl 1: oh shit...nice u think he'll be my chammak challo?

Girl 2: maybeee but he only likes them desi girls
by tonightimlovinyou March 21, 2012
A Pushpak is a cheap person. Pushpak originated in India, where being cheap is the norm.
"Hey did you get a tip from that guy for your services?" "No, He was a Pushpak."
"Hey, did you get that guy to join the gym?" No, That Pushpak, didn't want to pay an initiation fee."
"Hey where's Raj, we have to pay the bill?" Oh He, pushpaked, and went home."
by Rajreddy March 19, 2010
Pushpaks are vein and loves themself. A mirror is pushpaks best friend. The sky is where their heart is. Athletic at times but addictions may cause withdraw from sports. Attitude is metamorphicmoody. More luck with men then womenusually gay. Kindness is low.
Pushpak in chinese means self-love
Pushpak not found in any other language
indian name
by Marlone May 24, 2008

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