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A person who is smart but all the time seems stupid. Constantly smoking weed, drinking beer, and sword fighting, and sometimes putting one's head through the wall, a pusak likes to do all things fun, even dumb ones. Many people may seem like a pusak, but in the end there are very few.
Oh man, last night at the party Marky put his head through the wall when he was hammered. WHAT A PUSAK!
by marlton ninja May 25, 2009
Pusak is the one known as Mark Wright. The only true pusak. He is THE pusak.

His friends, are the Pusaks.

A Pusak is everything. but it may also be nothing.
A Pusak is everywhere. but may not be anywhere.
"My pusak is so itchy"
"ma ma pusak"
by TheDusak May 24, 2009