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The ultimate male find for any women who is sick and tired of the same old dis-respectful treatment.

This man will love, honour, obey and take you to pleasurable sexual places that you've never knew existed.

He's exciting, cool, spontaneous, has great taste in art, music, clothing, a real mover on the dance floor who will fill your life with all types of fun activities.

A natural man in tune with nature with an added splash of feminine understanding, he really cares for the planet, his friends and his family.

*All Purple Unicorns come with a 12inch detachable horn and can be returned within 30 days if you miss your last bastard boyfriend.
by UtterKaos June 29, 2011
verb. act of strapping a purple strap-on to your head and performing sex acts
that guy gave her the purple unicorn.
by x14 August 03, 2008
When someone is talking about certain subject around friends and they slyly change the subject without notice.
Today I told my good friend Ivan that he was perfect and he quickly changed the subject.

Andre: Dude, Leah....Sebastian is annoying me. He's one confusing ass motherfucker.

Leah: So yeaaaa Lo.... a purple unicorn flew past my window and farted glitter.
by soccernigg88 September 26, 2009