The phrase, "Purple Llama" was originally created as a conversation starter between two people who weren't well aquainted. Later on it was paired with the phrase "like pie" which was previously used to prevent awkward silences. Now it has become a force of it's own being used in many different situations.
"purple llamas like pie"
by llamasapplepie January 02, 2008
Top Definition
A combination of the greatest color that ever existed, Purple, and the greatest animal that ever existed, Llama, forming a godlike creature known as the purple llama.
John: Man, I'm so high.
Bill: Hey, man, I think I just saw a purple llama fly by!
by Hahalcoholic November 12, 2010
A purple llama is the gayest breed of llama, if they stumble upon and male of any race ( human included ) they will say that they want you in their mouth. They will also take you away and strip you, then rape you.
Jerry: OH GOD !!! It's a purple llama
The purple llama: Come over here, I want you in my mouth for the salty water
Jerry: NOOOOOO!!!!
by TheTruthSpeaker01 January 03, 2013
the phase yelled or spoken to indicate the incoming of a hand, destined for someones button, intended to be extremely painful and shocking. Played all of the time, occasionally more intensly than others. Purple llama can be playful or very agressive. Many take great pride in leaving battle wounds.
**seeing Geroge running up, ready to strike**
"Purple Llama", yells Jenna
**people move to cover their rears**
-Tom, not quick enough to cover his rear, recieves a forceful slap from George, to his hind quarters, and shreeks in pain
by Jersey Shore November 28, 2006
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