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Grabbing a guys sack and applying force, resulting in extreme pain
Ben gave Tom a purple elephant... and liked it
by Alexander the Great 7 May 13, 2006
According to some people, what you sometimes see when you're drunk. (can neither be denied nor confirmed as it's always somebody's friend's friend or relative.)
In the movie Dumbo, there's a scene where Dumbo accidentally get's drunk and see's purple elephants.
"Seriously, man, my uncle, he got real drunk one New Year's and he says he saw purple elephants."
by andriod5 August 29, 2005
A definition used to describe drunk elephants that are not secure in the restictions of the law.

If an elephant drinks more than 30 units of alchol, he is a purple elephant.
Sarge: We've got another purple elephant loose in the Zoo. Damn those Japanese tourists!
by jimmieeeeee July 25, 2005
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