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When popcorn chicken finds itself floating in a purple colored drink. Such as purple drank, grape juice, or other assorted beverages. Can mess you up and cause explosive diarrhea.
Look what I found in mah purple drank, some purple chicken!!
#chicken #purple #purple drank #lunch #poop
by Destroying Your Lunch September 28, 2011
Purple Chickens are beautiful breed of chicken. They are almost not even chickens for like swans that can not fly. Only the coolest of all kids can see them.
Cool Kid: Hey man, did you see that Purple Chicken that walked through the town last night.

Freind: Nah man Purple Chickens don't exsit.

Cool Kid: *SHRUGS* Bumer I thought you were cool. Sorry we be friends any more.

Friend: WTF?
#purple swans #purple c #pc #chicken de purple #apple.
by PC master 123. October 29, 2011
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