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The act of accidentally sending a private image public over the internet.
When Judy sent a naked selfie to everyone, the irony of a woman pulling a Weiner was evident.
by Shockedqueen May 14, 2014
Sexual infidelity that involves exchanging nude/erotic photos and sexting, but not actual physical contact or interactions.
Pam: I think my husband is cheating on me!

Megan: How do you know?

Pam: I found pics of naked girls on his phone and all of his texts have been deleted. But I don't see how he would find time to be with anyone but me.

Megan: Girl, I think your hubby is pulling a weiner on you.
by Theresi June 17, 2011
When a guy shows his junk to unsuspecting females via a text, email, or social networking app or website.
Person 1: I heard you got in trouble last night for 'pulling a Weiner'.

Person 2: Yeah, my bad.
by wyckedmonkey June 17, 2011
Claiming your account was hacked when it was not.
Kevin's hotmail didn't get hacked, he's pulling a weiner.
by randall37 June 13, 2011
Publicly tweeting something you meant to DM.
Anthony Weiner admitted today that he "pulled a weiner" and lied about his twitter account being hacked. He meant to DM the picture to "friends." Turns out he was "pulling a weiner."
by TheCovert June 06, 2011