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Pulling an Andrew is when someone does one of those liquid farts which stain your underwear and make it a necessity to change boxers. Pulling Andrews can leave serious stains and even burn through your underwear.
Ahh Steve I am just pulling an Andrew and my boxers are stained brown.
by CautionSteve December 24, 2012
Managing to screw up a sure thing with a girl, against all odds.
"Me and my friends are having a contest to see who can make out with a guy first tonight..."
"Oh that sounds like fun, well I'll see you in class tomorrow. Good luck."

"We should go check out a private study carrel at the library and prepare for our anatomy exam..."
"They probably won't let me reserve one until I return my overdue book. Plus I already studied a lot yesterday."

"Hey man, how did it go with that girl last night?"
"I ended up pulling an Andrew..."
"Again? That was a sure thing!"
by Rusty's Wish February 27, 2010