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2 definitions by themanintheyellowishhat

To injure someone by punching them in the face for no apparent reason, Then making up a story to try and justify what you did
Guy1: wow, i was just sitting there and dave ran up to me and punched me in the face then told everyone i was pissing off his girlfriend

Guy2: haha, he wanted to pull an Andrew i guess
by themanintheyellowishhat May 21, 2008
A science teacher at Massabesic high school (in Southern Maine)Who beleives that because he found a video on youtube of one of his students in his classroom, that no one should ever be allowed to use electronics in his room again

if you are caught useing electronics it is an instant detention
christ, i got a detention from skully again because i forgot to turn off my cellphone
by themanintheyellowishhat May 23, 2008