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When your parent or guardian nags you and makes you get them either something to eat or drink while they're relaxed, and slipping any 'non' food items in. Comes from the scene in the 1995 movie 'Friday' where Ice Cube's character Craig puts a defected ice cube into his nagging father's cup. Hence Pulling a Friday
Mother: Kayman!!
Kayman(out of breath: Yea mom.
Mother: Get me some ice tea.
Kayman: But I'm busy
Mother: Well, you aint busy enough for me to whoop that ass now do what I said.
Kayman: (Groans) Fine.

*In kitchen*

Kayman: (Grumbling to self while pouring the juice) Dumb lazy ass bitch

Mother:(From other side of the house) Put ice in the cup too! And hurry!

Kayman: (Sucks teeth, and gets ice. One falls on the floor, Kayman bends down and as he is about to throw it out smiles wickedly and plops it in the cup and serves it to his mother, and thinks to self pulling a friday is awesome)
by Kayeman Lanes March 17, 2006
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