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When a person fills a bowl, but instead of smoking they just sit there holding a ready-to-smoke bong. Usually prevents others from smoking.
Harrison you've just been sitting there Pulling a Harrison for the last two Office episodes, smoke up.
by Chronic C April 16, 2013

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When you do everything under the sun with a girl, but sex. Then you pull up your pants saying:

" I respect you too much to do this."

" I feel like we would be better as friends"


"I'm just not ready for this step in the relationship."

Then promptly leave the room or home.
Dude: Bro, I just got done pulling a Harrison!

Bro: No way on who?

Dude: Jessica, she was so pissed when I just pulled up my pants and left.

Bro: Niceee.
by Ghost_Tuna May 09, 2012
when you decide that you dont want to shower for months at a time. when the smell of taco, nacho, feet, mildew, rotten eggs, and moldy cheese combine to create the smell that projects from your very being
"whats that smell?"
"oh sorry, hes just pulling a harrison!"