Someone who "Pulls a Greg" is a person who spits, salivates, drools, or hocks up a fat loogie on themselves accidentally. usually while attempting to make a spit bubble, or make there spit drip all the way to the ground and suck it back up before it breaks off.
-Pulling a Greg, While Driving down the highway-

Guy one- "rolls down the window and hocks a fat loogie out the window, but the wind blows in back in his face" ahhhh f@#$ man i spit on my self!

Guy Two- Haha you pulled a Greg.

Guy One- aw man its in my eyes!!!!!!
by hamshanks October 18, 2011
Top Definition
The act of dropping out of a trip or group activity last minute without notice. Doing so with complete disregard to personal or friends financial losses.
"Where is Martinez?" "I don't know, he mentioned not coming because of his girlfriend being lonely, he's totally pulling a Greg."

"Where is the last groomsman?" "He hasn't answered any texts, he's probably pulling a Greg."
by 87bamf!! April 07, 2014
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