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A pulled-pork sandwich is where one man inserts his penis in another man's rectum. The pulled-pork refers to the penis (which at one point or another may have been pulled to aid in getting an erection) while the "buns" are referring to the pulled-pork sandwich recipient's buttocks. It is essentially a euphemism for anal sex.
I totally bent Colin over and made him a pulled-pork sandwich. Oh yeah, pulled-pork sandwich.
by Kwazimoto July 26, 2008
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When three cops sit in a row and the outside two jerk off the middle one.
Officer Dick Johnson and Officer T-Bone Shaft used excessive force on Officer Justa Confused Youngman in "The Case of the Pulled Pork Sandwich."
by Schorntologist February 09, 2011
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A pulled pork sandwich is when a girls pussy resembles pulled pork and her camel toe resembles two sesame seed buns hints the name pulled pork sandwich. It is even more so like a pulled pork sandwich if she is having her period and the blood would resemble the BBQ sauce.
"dude I asked her for a pic and she sent me a pic of her pulled pork sandwich."


"so me and my girl were doing 69 and right then is when I realized she had a pulled pork sandwich then she released blood from her pussy into my mouth."
by Dirk Diver August 22, 2011
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When you slather barbeque sauce on your penis and use it as lubricant while you have anal sex, then when you reach completion, ejaculate in between your partner's butt cheeks.
I had at least 3 bottles of barbeque sauce left after the cook out, good thing my girlfriend was up for a pulled pork sandwich.
by The Turd Nazi November 17, 2010
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