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A pulled-pork sandwich is where one man inserts his penis in another man's rectum. The pulled-pork refers to the penis (which at one point or another may have been pulled to aid in getting an erection) while the "buns" are referring to the pulled-pork sandwich recipient's buttocks. It is essentially a euphemism for anal sex.
I totally bent Colin over and made him a pulled-pork sandwich. Oh yeah, pulled-pork sandwich.
by Kwazimoto July 26, 2008
When three cops sit in a row and the outside two jerk off the middle one.
Officer Dick Johnson and Officer T-Bone Shaft used excessive force on Officer Justa Confused Youngman in "The Case of the Pulled Pork Sandwich."
by Schorntologist February 09, 2011
A pulled pork sandwich is when a girls pussy resembles pulled pork and her camel toe resembles two sesame seed buns hints the name pulled pork sandwich. It is even more so like a pulled pork sandwich if she is having her period and the blood would resemble the BBQ sauce.
"dude I asked her for a pic and she sent me a pic of her pulled pork sandwich."


"so me and my girl were doing 69 and right then is when I realized she had a pulled pork sandwich then she released blood from her pussy into my mouth."
by Dirk Diver August 22, 2011
When you slather barbeque sauce on your penis and use it as lubricant while you have anal sex, then when you reach completion, ejaculate in between your partner's butt cheeks.
I had at least 3 bottles of barbeque sauce left after the cook out, good thing my girlfriend was up for a pulled pork sandwich.
by The Turd Nazi November 17, 2010
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