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The misguided act of posting questionable photos of yourself online, thus destroying your chances of ever holding an elected office.
Dude #1: Did you see the beefcake pictures Anthony posted of himself?

Dude #2: Yeah. The idiot really pulled a weiner.
#boner #douchebag #idiot #moron #narcissist
by TNunnster June 15, 2011
Accidentally posting or sending something not intended for mass distribution.
Bob accidentally posted pictures with his mistress to his wall, not a private message. John really "pulled a Weiner"!

Frank accidentally hit "reply all" when calling his boss a self-centered dumb ass. His coworkers had a laugh, but Frank was fired. Frank "pulled a Weiner"!
#reply all #sext #twitter #facebook #wiener #pull a weiner
by Rep Frank Bob June 08, 2011
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