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To sit around at a train station for upwards of 10 hours everyday regardless of weather, in hopes that a good train will come. Mikes often enjoy chocolate milk, and calling people driving around the closed crossing gates "Stupid Knuckleheads."
Man! I pulled a mike for so long yesterday that my chocolate milk started to curdle! Tomorrow, I'm going to Pull a Mike again!
#railfan #train #mike #chocolate #milk
by CasualFoamer July 04, 2011
The action of 'Pulling a Mike' occurs after one has bagged the bitch.
For all intensive purposes, the bitch has shown extensive interest throughout the time spent, while one has gone about with his bidness.
At this point, one aborts the mission, and immediately will dipset, hence cutting the bitch, and leaving her without the cack.
Mike: "Last night, after the bitch gave me brains, she asked me, 'Do you want to put it in?'
My response was plain and simple, 'Nah bitch, I'm tired, I'm going home.'"

Mathias: "Yo G, I heard what happened last night, you Pulled a Mike, didn't you?"

Detox: "Last night I had the bitch all over me, but I was so fucking tired, that, against all odds, I somehow turned down a dime and was able to Pull a Mike."
#pam #pull-a-mike #a mike #a-mike #to pull a mike #pull mike #mike
by mkruss February 06, 2009
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