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to Puj is the shameful art of jacking off and shitting at the same time
I'm going to puj on your face
by evanfadsfsd February 19, 2009
1- puj (pronounced pudge), also P.U.J., stands for pick up juice. It is used in context as a verbnoun, to ask a friend to pick up juice as they are in a more able position to pick up juice, since you're probably sitting on the couch.
man1: Yo man, could you puj one for me?
man2: Hell yea dude, be back from class in 5.

NOTE: Not to be confused with pudge one for me, which oft means to take one for the team on a friday night.
by mikedakwik February 12, 2010
1. noun synonymous with vagina.

2. verb the act of pujing. To 'puj someone up' is to make sex with them.

3. noun meaning attractive women-folk.

Generally, the Salfordian/Mancunian equivalent of the American term 'pussy'.
1. "He wants her puj."

2. "Did you puj her up?"

3. "The place is crawling with puj."
by Uncle Dale April 23, 2009
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