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The light and fluffy pubic style hair that grows sparsely on the upper lip. Commonly found on teenage boys and some women.
Adam Morrison has a killer pubestache
by Chuck Shneiderberry April 02, 2008
Someone attempting to grow a mustache but hasn't finished puberty yet so it doesn't fill in properly.
Wow, that kid has such a pube stache.
by <|-|51s December 05, 2008
When someone passes out, and you trim your pubes, and glue them onto that person's face giving them a pubestache
Dude we were at this party and we gave Ronnie a pubestache
by LMFMC FUCKER June 09, 2009
1. A faint fuzzy proto-mustache that grows on tweens, e.g a pubescent mustache.
Bobby has a pubestache, but doesn't even realize it yet.
by manicslang January 18, 2014
Pubic hairs on the upper-lip of a hot girl that a given to them when they deepthroat a dick to the balls.
That bitch said she didn't suck dick, but I ended up givin' her a pube-stache!
by ghre December 23, 2004
n. v. Pyoo'bstash An act involving the sexual union of one's face to a partner's unshaven and recently naired genitals, wherebye irrattic movement betwixt mouth and pubic area dislodges weakened hair follicles which then bind to one's face in the form of a mustache and/or beard.
1- "Monica and me tried something new last night... have you ever heard of a pube-stache?"

2- "I passed out on Katie-Sue's couch yesterday night and woke up with a gnarly pube-stache"

3- "Where the hell were you last night?" - "I was at your mother's trying on a pube-stache"
by Petorius Longinus February 04, 2008
When you take hair gel, part your pubes and gel each half together so they curl up, resembling a mustache.
Yo, I'm definitely rocking a pubestache for initiation
by chevychasetheheavyplace April 30, 2011
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