Top Definition
incubus song. kicks ass
by Jesska July 13, 2003
A of the crazy kind. ^.~
ALSO an awesome Incubus Song from the Fungus Amoungus CD!
Psychopsilocybin...the runnin' horny motha fucka.
by Tezzy Dowzy November 19, 2004
A hallucinogenic mushroom
shrooms, And a kik ass incubus song
by Brady January 20, 2004
A mushroom that can make its user hallucinate. They are ilegal in the United States, but that doesn't stop many people from use them. Also a pretty sick Incubus song.
Dude, pass me some of that psychopsilocybin.
by Sasha A. May 01, 2006
1. A mind-altering mushroom found mostly in South America. 2. Fan-fucking-tastic song by Incubus on the album titled, "Fungus Amongus."
1. Hey, I found some psychopsilocybin here beside these bushes. 2. Hey, check out the awesome solo in the song "Psychopsilocybin."
by thaddnew December 21, 2006
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