Ditsy bitch that won't let go.
Ditsy bitch who doesn't give up, becomes addicted to, and possibly eventually kills the thing/person she's addicted to.
Stacy from Wayne's World
by M J R May 04, 2005
Top Definition
A person who is so needy they create a force akin to gravity, that pulls everyone's attention, energy, and cash into their gaping maw.

Being a hose, such as "beer hose", means one who sucks with reckless abandon.
Do not invite Sarah to the party. She is a psycho hose beast who will talk about herself ceaselessly, drink all the beer, and force you to buy her things.
An OTT, possesive, obssesive and paranoid girlfriend or ex-girlfriend.
For fuck sake, leave me alone u psycho hose beast!
by Bewesy December 11, 2003
an ultra-clingy, crazy-ass, delusional-and/or-pathological bitch that wont accept reality, perhaps an old flame who doesnt know of her old status or someone who thinks you like them
"Don't look...Stacey at 8 o'clock."
-"Oh jeez, psycho hose beast alert!"

-Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World
by Ethan Stark December 07, 2005
Ex-Girlfiend or Female Stalker (Canadian).
Man, that psycho hosebeast called again last night.
by Doug McKenzie April 20, 2003
someone who is stupidly insane, irritating,whorish, or sometimes scary
"man, since her botched boob job, becky has turned into a total psycho hosebeast"
by Captain Jen August 26, 2003
the biggest whore of all

a slutty,skanky,whore who is such a tremendous whore that she will fuck anyone or anything,man or beast,male or female,anytime,anywhere and will take ex-mouseketeer pop tarts under her wing and teach them Satanism and how to be the biggest whore. see madonna
madonna is a psycho hosebeast
by full body condom and fast sneakers December 09, 2003
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