A response of derision, dismissal or unappreciation. A noise to reject opinions or ignore interjections. Negative.
Person 1 "Delia is well fit". Person 2 "Psshhh".

Girl 1 " Emmerdale is the best soap." Girl 2 "Psshhh. Eastenders all the way."

Boy 1 "Jennifer Aniston is as hot as it gets." Boy 2 "Psshhh. Angelina Jolie. Psshhh."

Unwelcome stranger "Hey baby." Unsuspecting victim "Psshhh."
by Hoezyn December 29, 2009
The sound Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff made when they did their signature handshake on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitcom.
Wat up Will! Psshhh!
by tim timmah 27 June 14, 2008
the way to say that someone is really hot when they are close to you and dont want them to realize you are saying they are hot
giuls: OMG he is sitting right next to meeeee!!!
brii: omg i kno, i kno!!!
jess: woow PSSHHH!!!!
giuls and brii: omg i totally agreeee!!
by briviana March 18, 2008

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