1. is another word for peace.

2. also can mean alot of things, generally used as adjective. language enhancement, or a noun.

3. the sound can mean alot of things: pssh= (please, peace, place,etc.) Anything that has a 'P' sound.
Dude 1: "whazzup pssh!"

Dude 2: "Naw, just chillin' at my pssh, you?!

Dude 1: "Nada, aint pssh!"
by psshMakeAh July 07, 2009
Top Definition
Used in place of 'Yeah Right', 'As if', 'Whatever'.

It is just way cooler to say it.
Person 1: Dude, you smell worse than anything my nose has ever had the misfortune of coming in contact with. I'm serious.

Person 2: Pssh.
by Newo December 04, 2004
some odd way to say "yeah right"
bibi-hey whats your name??
random dude-uhh i dont no
bibi-no really..
random dude-its I DONT NO!
bibi-pssh..uhh..huh..your just saying that so i wont no it
by mikomimi November 11, 2008
Shrugging something off as lame
Pssh, that is a dumb idea
by Christy February 12, 2003
disbelief, or a response to an uncredible statement.
"My penis is huge." "Pssh, yeah right. I've seen it..."
by candice YO! February 07, 2007
A Way to say, as if / no way
Guy 1 - You joinin the homework club
Guy 2- Pssh as if, I would *rolls eyes*
by STEVIERAWWRR March 12, 2009
Porn Star Slut Hooker
Paris Hilton is such a Pssh.
by Peter G. February 27, 2008

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