Preemptively drunk. To start drinking or get drunk before a night of drinking out or attending a function where drinking alcohol is involved.
Yeah, I need to get prunk before I go to the club. Drinks are way too expensive there.

I can't stand the bride. If I don't get prunk there is no way I'll make it through the wedding without seriously offending someone.
by Greg Josephs August 04, 2007
Top Definition
A combination of preppy and punk. The best of both worlds. Mainly applies to kids who want to be punks, but can't conceal their inner preppiness.
Jenna is a prunk!

Youuuuu're mom's a prunk!!

Avril is prunk'd out.
by JZ February 15, 2005
A mix between the words prince and hunk. The ultimate word to describe the perfect guy with wavy hair and the perfect smile, and a cool, laid-back walk.
Look at that guy, his hair is just perfect, and omg, the way he walks, such a prunk!
by helsingborgstjejen95 March 13, 2013
To be preppy and punk
Dude have you seen her style? It's Prunk!!!!!!!!!!
Some skulls and hearts...totally insane!
by Avybaby August 30, 2007
To become pregnant after a night of drunken sex.
"Julia totally missed her period. She must be prunk from that party last month."
by TheRealPrancer August 20, 2008
A punkish type person who still acts like a wigga. Punk + Crunk
Some Guy #1: Hey! Why is Alex going into Hot Topic? I thought he was a Wigga!
Some Guy #2: I guess he is a Prunk.
by P0TH June 03, 2005
Prunk is an act of getting drunk after only drinking "female" or "fruity" alcohol. You refer to one being prunk because they were unable to drink hard liquor.

See also: Puzzed
Person 1: I am so drunk!
Person 2: What are you drinking?
Person 1: Sangrea!
Person 2: No, you're prunk...
by intelligent-thinker July 03, 2012
Pretend drunk
'Mate your annoying me now'


'Your f*cking Prunk!'
by TheIron September 10, 2011
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