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Somebody who shows little confidence in themselves. Too indecisive to act and to be confident with the ladies. Somebody who is afraid of asking girls out; An indecisive person

Based off the character of J. Alfred Prufrock in a poem by T.S Eliot
"Your a total Prufrock man. Why didn't you ask her out"

Friend: "Hey Prufrock whats up"
Friend: Well you didn't ask out Mandy last night because you were too scared, so you're Prufrock"
by Soccer1296 June 21, 2012
A man of impeccable taste and character.

A monkey with four asses.

A man with square testicles.
"What a gentleman and a prufrock you are!"

"I am afraid of your pet prufrock."

"Do you shoot square sperm with that kind of prufrock?"
by TuesdayPillow April 02, 2008

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