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A girl (or guy) who constantly pulls the duck face while talking.
Erin: Is there something wrong with that chick's face?
Bernie: No, she's just a prud.
by DrySlug November 05, 2011
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quirky,witty, someone who is clever, and quick, yet lacks real sincerity. At times sarcastic.
Peggy: My cat just died Fred!
Fred: Really? Well frankly I don't give a damn!
Peggy: You're so insensitive Fred! You (insert curse word of choice) Prud!
Fred: I was just kidding! Peggy wait!
by Cathleen Mcarthur March 20, 2007
A small part of the human anatomy which is very well hidden but is fun to feel.

98%of the population don't know thy have a prud.
I am feeling my prud.
by TCHA June 23, 2009

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