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A badass horrorcore rapper from Michigan. He has been in the rap groups Bedlam and Project Deadman. He's currently going solo, and working with Strange Music. He may catch some hate for being a Juggalo, but so did Tech N9ne and the Kottonmouth Kings.
Dude: Man did you hear of that underground rapper Prozak?
Man: Yeah dude, I have his solo cd and its fuckin dope! But I can't find any older work...Oh well, let's go hit the bong.
by SweetBeetz November 13, 2010
God in the religion rafterian.
Prozak is teh r0x0r
/me bows to Prozak's sox
by Fishhead April 27, 2003
some gay nerd fag, and a drug for depressed gothy kids who think theyre gonna blow up cuz they get made fun of
im too smart to need prozak or play cs
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