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The term you probably heard in Skyfall, in that particular context, Provocatrix means a Challenger, and a Challenger (female) in that context means something or someone challenging. So, Bond described a woman as a "challenge."
Men can only be serious with provocatrix women, everything else has little long term potential, men love women who value themselves.
That provocatrix girl is impossible to impress.
I don't know how you can date her, she is such a provocatrix.
by KRANE November 20, 2013
In Skyfall, besides describing woman as a challenge, the word also describes the woman as a temptress, an alluring woman who seduces and/or exploits men. So bond pretty much covered everything in a woman, alluring, seductive, challenging, and with a possibility of exploiting her man.
Can't really describe a lot of young ladies as provocatrix nowadays.

Congratulations David, she is a provocatrix.
by KRANE November 25, 2013

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