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1. Awkward in movement or action; without skill or grace

2. Awkwardly done or made; unwieldy; ill-contrived
1. He is very 'Prothias' and is always breaking things.

2." Woah Dude! You're acting so 'Prothias' Today! "
by Annie-loves-you June 28, 2010
A particular Kaldorei which in most occasions wears a Red attire, he is known for his abundant sense of humor. His clumsiness drives his extents of being noticed across Azeroth. He carries a Nickel-Plated Revolver, of good size with him at all times.

WARNING: Do not f*ck with this Motherf*cker, known to have a small circuit.
Did you get that Prothias action figure that came out yesterday!?
by Prothias-Fan-Club June 28, 2010
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