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A Far-Right wing group that is infamous for their intolerance to certain forms of free speech. In some cases they condone harassment tactics.
Among the Pro-War elements they are by far the most interesting. That's mostly due to their illogical approach to politics and political/ideological philosophy.

"we want to do everything we can to cordon them off from decent society"

"all you can do is work to create a society where they have no power"

Quoted from the Protest Warrior FAQ webpage.
Go see for your self before they change it and say these quotes never existed.
How can Protest Warrior claim to be "liberty-loving" when they continue smear people who practice their right to dissent?
by American_Patriot November 06, 2007
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1. An organization of right-wing Americans that visit "peace" rallies, to see just how peaceful they are when their opposition exercises their freedom of speech.
2. A member of the Protest Warrior organization.
The Protest Warrior found a booth for communism set up at a "peace" rally.
by Dark Chaos July 29, 2004
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Right-leaning political movement, who generally attack the American liberal movement with weak ad-hominem attacks via their website. The organisation was founded in order to provoke violence at demonstrations and rallys, in order to capture video evidence and present it as usual behaviour for anyone they disagree with.

Most believe that all Muslims are terrorists, and anyone who does not support the neoconservative movement is an 'America-hating pussy'. As far as a Protest Warrior is concerned, terrorists are only terrorists when they threaten America. The IRA for example, are freedom fighters.
We should exterminate all Muslims, Europeans and Mexicans, because they hate freedom.
by Insider February 22, 2005
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An individual who, unable to muster more than a handful of pro-war demonstrators, seeks to fulfill a primal need for attention by crashing anti-war demonstrations.
The protest warrior helpfully explained how global warming was making the world a better place for poor people.
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
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A group of neocon "FREEDOM-FIGHTER" college students whose main objective is to scare the "LIBERAL PUSSIES" out of their right to freedom of speech by crashing their "FASCIST DEMONSTRATIONS", and to squeal about the left, and allow people like Ann Coulter to trample over the dignity of the Liberals.

Of course, their bark is much worse than their bite.

The only reason why anyone knows about them is the fact that so many people are so scared of them for some reason. These ingrates "FIGHT" to dismember things like the ACLU, yet it is the ACLU that allows them to exist. Even though they are militantly pro-war, most of them don't enlist, and thus aren't even willing to defend the ideals they champion.

I say to Liberals:
Don't beat up on the wee "PROTEST WARRIORS", they aren't worth your stones and fists. Just don't listen to them. They have the right to exist as a group, but never forget that you do to.
It's about time that we stop paying attention to these opportunistic and self-deluded snobs, or else we'll end up in a place as hopeles as theirs.

And also remember: America was not founded as a nation of Conservatives or Liberals.
Protest Warrior = peaceful terrorist = something scary but unable of fighting.
by El_Haggis September 16, 2006
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Site where the silent majority stops being silent and gets their message out into the protest area.
Protest Warrior answers ANSWER powerfully.
by Korora December 09, 2003
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Self-absorbed arrogant pricks who assume they are superior to regular protestors for some fake reason.
"We're Protest Warriors! Because we protest Protestors!"
"So you're a protestor?"
"No, Protest WARRIOR."
by Mike January 21, 2005
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