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American Politics from 2000 through 2008. (a.k.a. America's Second Dark Age)

See Bush Era, Bush Legacy, Culture of Corruption
"I can't wait until the end of 2008" Paul said as he peeled a organge. The Era of Corruption will Finally be over.
by American_Patriot November 16, 2007
A person obsessed with making sure that everything from public offices down to the stores you go to conform to his cultural beliefs during the Christmas Holiday season.
a Christmas Nazis will get offend with any business that even utters the word happy holidays.
Doing so will cause them to accuse you of being part of a conspiracy against their cultural/religious views. See The War on Christmas
During the Christmas Holiday Season other religions are supposed to take the back seat regardless of what the American people think.
In short these overly aggressive Religious nuts turn a Holiday that supposed to Unite people in Christian Fellowship into a Holiday that express hate toward those who practice their right to Religious Freedom. It's also a cash cow for the leaders of the Religious Right

Christmas Nazi + Conspiracy + Propaganda merchandice = Profit and discord.
Again the Christmas Season was ruined by the pro-conformity Christmas Nazi.
by American_Patriot November 08, 2007
A Far-Right wing group that is infamous for their intolerance to certain forms of free speech. In some cases they condone harassment tactics.
Among the Pro-War elements they are by far the most interesting. That's mostly due to their illogical approach to politics and political/ideological philosophy.

"we want to do everything we can to cordon them off from decent society"

"all you can do is work to create a society where they have no power"

Quoted from the Protest Warrior FAQ webpage.
Go see for your self before they change it and say these quotes never existed.
How can Protest Warrior claim to be "liberty-loving" when they continue smear people who practice their right to dissent?
by American_Patriot November 06, 2007
A region of the United States which is politically and socially dominated by Social Conservatives. These areas tend to be against Pluralism and out of touch with Mainstream Society.
We can't stop here, this Backwards Country!
by American_Patriot February 16, 2011
A "Paranoid style" conspiracy theory created by Radical Right-Wing Conservatives to increase xenophobia in the United States. Just like previous conspiracy theroies created by the Radical right, this one has no creditable evidence to back it up.
If you haven't heard of it the as Radical Right argues then "It's because the plotters have succeeded in keeping it a secret"

This conspiracy theory goes as follows...

The NAU is the EU equivalent of North America that includes Canada, Mexico and the United States. NAU is supposedly supposed to operate as a single Politcal and Economic unit.
The NAU is a supranational organization, modeled

This organization would have the power to

.Nullify Laws of its Member states

.Take away government barriers so that People and Goods can move about the countries unimpeded.

. All three member countries National Currency will be phased out and replaced with one Currency The Amero,

In short this conspiracy was made in responce to the Radical Rights worries over issues of Globalization, Immigration and the Bush administrations expansive understanding of Executive power
North American Union is just a Hoax created to scare Americans.
by American_Patriot December 01, 2007
A illogical word created by the Far-right to justify their efforts to suppress free speech in America. This word is often used without taking political philosophy or ideology into account. Using this word will convey to others your lack of knowledge on the subject of politics.
The Pro-war supporter could not understand why people laughed at him when he used the word "Leftist-Fascist".
by American_Patriot October 27, 2007
Another hateful term created by the Conservative Hate Culture.

Like other terms created to promote hate and prejudice against Liberals who decide to speak out in the Name of Freedom and Democracy, this term is nothing more than a conservative sucker punch. See Cheap-shot

This term is often used by, pseudo-patriots who are intolerant of free speech.
It looks like that pseudo-patriot just called me a Liberal douchebag... so much for the right to free speech.

BTW there is a space between Douche and bag.
by American_Patriot October 06, 2007

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