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The reaction on a parent finding Condoms or the Pill in their teenagers room for the first time.
My Mom found a half pack of condoms when she did my washing, Man ! she went into prophylactic shock.
by Fyodor May 02, 2006
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When the use of a condom caused your penis to go limp because of their inhibiting and desensitizing nature.
Yo I was crushin this phat dime last week when all the sudden prophylactic shock set in. She told all her friends and now I can't even pay a girl to go out with me.
by Gunnat Nation December 05, 2010
The sudden cessation of thought and action caused by surprise when it is discovered that a condom has broken
When I saw the broken condom, I went into Prophylactic Shock, at first my mind was blank and the a flood of anxiety about STDs & pregnancy took over.
by iRustin January 02, 2010

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