(noun) penis, cock, whang
We're friends with benefits , she comes over once a week and sits on my prong while I finger her clit.
by Jake March 24, 2004
A word used to describe having an awesome experience. Adjective.
I went and saw the Foo Fighters with my bro last night. That shit was fucking prong off the richter
by NSP81 September 16, 2007
To take ecstacy.
To be fucked offa x.
Morning : "Keen to prong tonight?"
Night : "Man, I'm pronging so fucken hard!"
by Diego August 25, 2003
a woman with a voluptuous body but a homely face
resembles a fork; finely crafted handle--jagged prongs
Man 1: Dude, look at the body on that blonde over there!
Man 2: Where?
Man 1: Nevermind, she just turned around and she's a total prong.
by Too Smart For My Own Good August 18, 2006
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