(N) A level of poverty that is beyond poor, and beyond broke, creating a whole new level of economic devestation.
Tom: Hey Jim, lets go see a game!
Jim: Dude, I can't. I just paid my bills and I am proke!!
by NSHSTennisStud June 26, 2007
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A shorter word for saying practical joke.
I was fooled by the best proke yesterday
by Landreas July 17, 2011
The straight equivalent of "fag." A "straight slur." Short for "procreational."
Usually not meant to be offensive, more of a joke so that GLBTQ people can return the slurs.
You had sex with a girl? What a proke.

That quarterback is such a fuckin' proke!
by Fuckin' Dyke May 13, 2011
A cross between prodding and poking someone
*Proke* Ahahahaha I just proked you :P
by yapdizap June 05, 2009

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