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Progressivism is an philosophy-ideology who believed in measured, moderate progress (change) opposed to conservatism, which advocates for miminamul change.

Social Progressivism:This form of progressivism advocates for the change of some societal morals as new research disconfirms the original morals.

Techno-Progressivism: These progressives support development of modern technologies, sometimes bio-technologies, causing conflict with the ideals of Bioconservatism.
Progressivism is contrasted with conservatism, advocating for minimal change, reactionaries that advocate to change society back to a "golden age", and radicals, who advocate for rapid/unmeasured change.
by Secular leftist October 21, 2005
The rapid erosion of our most vital and important rights.

The destruction of freedom.

Society will collapse on itself and it is because of progressive types.
Look around you dumbfucks.Society is dilapidated and deteriorating rapidly.

It's YOUR fault.

How does that make you feel?

Feel proud?

You're killing us and helping the government take away our basic rights.
by God,I hate you! March 14, 2005
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