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To be proactive or productive in an area that is of no use
To pursue the hobbie/career of being a skater is a profucktive use of time
by Jodi Bullet May 15, 2008
When you're trying to be productive, but fuck up, turning it into being Profucktive.
Person 1: Man, I'm really behind on this project.
Person 2: Yeah, I'm just being really profucktive, not doing much.
by it's_wingardium_levi-OH-sah_ July 20, 2013
Excelling in an area related to or focusing on sex and/or masturbation.
1: I was abnormally profucktive last night.

2: Oh yeah? Hook up with some chicks?

1: Well I don't want to brag bu

by lotsaspaghetti March 04, 2010
when you are so busy working and being productive but manage to squeeze in a really hot fuck session
her: oh wow, i had a stack of papers to enter and spreadsheets to update but i took a longer break and we had the hottest sex ever!
coworker: no wonder you're so happy at work! you're profucktive to the nth!
by wingedunicorn January 28, 2013
Profiencent at fucking anything and everything within reason up.
Daniel, is profucktive at relationships
by mayormaynot420 February 03, 2010
When you need to be productive but dont give a Fuck
''Oh no im behind on my nutrition project and Time plans!!''
''Better go get Profucktive m8''
by ImmortalRocker April 01, 2015

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