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Chatroom people who constantly link their hot or not profiles over and over to gain attention and ratings...
A profile whore is worse than an actual whore, at least a whore gets money, these people show themselves off for free.
by SEmily July 21, 2004
13 27
someone who continuously checks profiles while on aim, even if they don't im the person. may be used as a noun or verb.
(noun) That girl is such a profile whore, she keeps checking everyone's profile.

Erica: omg, there is going to be a huge kegger this weekend!
Elias: omg! how did you find this out?
Erica: i was profile whore-ing around earlier and i saw it on cindy's profile.
by Erica June 16, 2006
51 62
They are the ones who put their profiles up to find dates.
{profile Link} Rape me and I will love you.
by Remial DeLlende November 10, 2004
7 29