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One who consistently puts off performing tasks. A habitual procrastinator.

"Brian has been ignoring his term paper for weeks. He's such a procrastinaut."
by Jimb076 April 22, 2009
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Noun; An individual who boldly ventures into the unknown, seeking out challenges and tasks to temporarily postpone or simply avoid indefinitely. Procrastinauts not only chronically procrastinate, but ambitiously look for new things to never get around to actually doing.

Origin; A composite word formed by combining the words procrastinate and astronaut, the latter of which lends an air of ambition, exploration, and professional dedication to the former.
Today Jamie spent all afternoon researching home brewing techniques, but we all know he'll never get around to actually brewing anything himself. That procrastinaut works hard at finding things to put off.
by typodaemon August 24, 2009

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