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To procrastinate by doing other productive things, just not the one thing you are supposed to be doing, e.g. doing laundry when you should be writing an essay.
A: Dude, I was so procrastiductive today. I've cleaned my entire room and organized my iTunes.
B: And?
A: ...and I have 300 pages of reading to do for tomorrow.
B: You suck at life.
A: Truth.
by Alice O. March 07, 2010
when the typical average human being procrastinates from doing a life's necessity to engage in a personally profound enterprise. Yet this individual is still doing something productive on a personal measure.
Parents: "Clean your room, do your homework, do your chores. You're procrastinating."
Me: (Setting higher life standards through the entertainment quality of my tumblr page therefore being a stupendous citizen and social network occupant, cultivating cultural interest through watching informative youtube videos and studying the patterns of human interaction and being socially involved through facebook)


"No. I'm being procrastiductive."
by Hendrikplantsoen July 30, 2013