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the act of achieving greatness with one single move. it is regarded as the highest ranking action on earth. it is in fact a pro move.
Dude 1: hey man what happened last night sounded like something went down quick.
Dude 2: ya man well my girlfriend told me she was pregnant...
Dude 1: ya so.. what'd you do?
Dude 2: well i falcon punched her right in the ovary.. cant have babies now man, unacceptable...
Dude 1: Pro Move man, Pro move... i would've done the same thing
by Promover December 13, 2009
The casually deep thought process given towards daily routine actions in efforts to maximize efficiency. Detailed modifications made in order to be damn good at whatever you do.
The Perfect Airport Pickup-
George Constanza displays excellent use of a pro-move when engaging in the following routine activity:

Dead-on estimation of time when cruisin thru the airport passenger pick-up line. Allowing absolutely no wait time for either party involed in the manuever.
by RoxNitNfoxNit August 04, 2006
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