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To use the pro bro styles, look up bro and put pro with it. What do you get?

He is a Pro Bro. Pro Bro can be a good or a bad thing, usually bad. Again, don't be stupid and go look up bro.
by Ruljin December 28, 2007
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A professional bro. Someone who is too dope for words.It takes many years and experience to become a "Pro-Bro". A pro-bro can treat the ladies right, is always in style, can beast it up at any sport, is tight with every clique/everybody, and still manages to get sweet grades and turns out successful in life no matter what. A guy that does what he wants, and not what others say.
(Bro system listed below)
Level 1- Brethren
Level 2- Brother
Level 3- Bro
Level 4- Brah
Level 5- Broseidon
Level 6- Broham
Level 7- Broseph
Level 8- Brah
Level 9- Broski
Level 10- * Pro-Bro *
Brah- "Woah man, at Ashley's party last night I saw AJ with the hottest chick alive. Blonde, Tan, Nice chest, tall, gorgeous eyes. Perfect dime."

Broham- "That's because he ranks level 10, aka a Pro-bro, in the bro system."

Brah- "Oh...that's true Broham. 2 more levels till I become a Pro Bro."
by Awoww16 October 30, 2011
A talent-less male who only desires to befriend professional athletes or 'sponsored' individuals in hopes of a fame-by-association type relationship. Particularly in extreme sports.
Man, John used to be my best friend until he became a Pro-bro. Now he won't answer my phone calls.
by Victor Monsanto October 16, 2014

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