Synonymous with priggle; the chief person responsible for the rehabilitation, habitation, maintenance, care, and feeding of Panda. (Priyā female) Female word for "dear, beloved" (cognate to English free, see Frige (Anglo-Saxon goddess)). It is a common given name in Washington DC, Centreville, India, Nepal and some countries in Europe.
Priya said enthusiastically into the chat window, "You're the best panda, that a priggle could ever ask for," as she set down her crimson cup of fresh hot chocolate.
by priggles-panda December 21, 2012
an usually common name in india, which typically means a girl who sticks out her tongue like a goat; occasionally like a buffalo licking its nostrils with its tongue
priya is a bakri
by udbot June 26, 2014
Sunny with a chance of cloudyness, snow and rain. Usually unpredicitable
The weather is very Priya today
by joker100004 March 12, 2013
act of falsifying college acceptance
you priya'd you cunt
by letswinbamboozle April 11, 2011
A girl who is a stalker and needs to take hint that people do not really like her. She is also very clingy.
Damn Priya won't leave me alone!
by Soul Indian May 06, 2011
A strange emo girl who has an addiction with going "tee hee hee".
Person 1: Hey, you know Priya?
Person 2: Yeah?
Person 1: Well, she was acting like a freaky emo again.
by Pirate Hooker November 20, 2006
Someone who loves to eat Vegemite. A hater of Marmite
Priya likes to spend her weekends spreading Vegemite on toast.
by VegemiteLover07 March 19, 2007

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