priya is awesome , good friend , pretty and random
long dark super frizzy hair
brown eyes

meowing at animals
rhianna (bleugh.)
priya: meow.
priya: meow?!?!
by thejoker235 February 01, 2011
A name meaning "beloved one" or "darling", a strong African-American woman.This name is given to a girl who is destined for greatness. Her road will be hard be she will never let it change the wonderful person she is. She is smart, beautiful, giving yet never receiving, compassionate, and wise. She loves music, poetry, and Art. She is the one that men want to have children with because they turn out so beautiful. She an outcast from her family because she strives to better than they ever were. She is a wonderful person to know. She doesn't much like people but loves people who are real. She's not afraid to tell you what she's thinking or how she feels so be afraid of what you ask her of you dont want to know the truth.
Guy1: Who is that?!

Guy2: Oh thats Priya. She's too good for you bro.
by December 09, 2013
A beautiful, amazing, and talented Nepalese girl with short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Priya is the smartest person you will ever meet, and can be the craziest at times. Priya is a good friend, and will always be there for you. She is tough, and can handle herself. Other facts you might want to know before communicating with someone named Priya would be that they have a strange love of Avatar the Last Airbender, and are in no way athletic, save swimming.
She's crying... but I thought she got an A?
That's Priya for you. It has to be a 100 for her to be happy.

Why is she screaming? Crap, now she's in tears... is she laughing now?
Oh, that's just Priya.

She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!
Well duh, she's a Priya!
by Someone who knows a Priya November 07, 2013
A quite popular Italian name. Also quite popular in India and Croatia.

An extremely popular Italian name in Australia.
Person: Priya's a very nice name. Which country is that name from?

Priya: Thankyou. It's an Italian, European and Indian name!
by asdfhweasd October 15, 2008
a beautiful girl with a small but spank-able ass... her smile makes you wanna poop your pants... she skinny enough to fit into a but stupid,unique,big brown eyes with a twinkle. not greedy nor selfish. straightforward towards anyone.
person 1: who's that new girl
person 2: dunno but she look beautiful

person 1: nope..she's gorgeous

person 3:her name is priya <3
by mymomisawhore January 12, 2015
A gorgeous, beautiful girl usually with dark brown or black hair and a stunning smile. She is loved by her friends, teachers and family alike. She is very smart in all subjects and also very creative. She is kind and helpful but also knows where to draw the line, therefore is never called a 'goody-goody', 'teacher's pet' or 'suck up'. She is easily one of the most popular girls in school.
Said: Pree-yah
Woah, who's that stunner?
Must be a Priya!
by Dr. KaPri April 28, 2015
deal with the priya / deal with the devil
by hater 22494 May 28, 2014

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