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Informal term for a private investigator or private detective. See: detective

These days it's pretty much only used for innuendo and humor =D
Who's the black private dick,
That's a sex machine to all them chicks?
Ya damn right!
by Dork Wonderer June 15, 2010
A man with E.D. who doesn't warn you or a man with a small penis who doesn't warn you. Warning you right before the act doesn't count. A premature ejaculator. A man who is a disappointment in bed. You want to warn everybody, but then he'll spread rumors about you being an easy lay. It's easy to spot these guys beforehand. They like to make fun of other guys and try to make you jealous. Learn from my mistakes and watch for signs beforehand.
I thought Gary was the man of my dreams, but he turned out to be a Private Dick.
After I slept with Henry, he bragged to everyone, so I was sure to let them all know he was a Private Dick.
Tim was small and a premature ejaculator. What a Private Dick!
by MadamexXx February 24, 2009

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