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1.) A drink made with one part Stolichnaya Oranj and one part cranberry juice. Garnish with a cherry.
2.) A song by recording artist Tina Turner.
Hey, just because I ordered a Private Dancer doesn't mean I'm gay.
by sparkles January 20, 2003
Pronunciation: \ˈprī-vət\ \ˈdän(t)er

- A calm person while partying that looks perfectly normal, tends to smile from time to time.

- A Private Dancer keeps to him/herself about the way they are feeling. They may seem sober on the outside, but having a grand ball on the inside.

note* not to be confused with a stripper or exotic dancer.
- Your best drinking buddy is always your Private Dancer.

- I'm tired tonight, I think I'm just going to private Dance the night on through.
by sUZ86 February 03, 2010
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